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Additional Information

  • One room is any room 250 square feet or less. Any especially large rooms, such as large carpeted living rooms that spill into hallways and such may count as 2 rooms. Technician will need to determine at the place of cleaning to be 100% sure. Non-excessively large closets can be included in a room for no additional charge.
  • We can deodorize and protect! If you'd like to add that it will only be an additional $60. 
  • 3 room special doesn't include any stairs. Stairs will only be an additional $25.
  • Hallways or large closets can be substituted for rooms for this special.

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"They did an excellent job taking an old rug I had and making it look better than I'd seen it in years."


"I was surprised what they could do with a carpet that i was convinced was going to have to just be replaced. One less big expense for the year."


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