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Say No to grimy floors

Probably should've vacuumed a little more. Maybe should've took off your shoes at the door.

But what's done is done and now your carpets look like garbage.

Almost don't want to invite company over to have them see it.

But whether it's general nastiness, gum, urine, Kool-Aid stains or more. Blu Dry Vac can help you clean up all of life's annoying little stains.

What you can count on

On time

Unlike some home services, we show up when we say we will.


Your carpet won't leave in the same condition you started with.


Don't worry about vacuuming before we come, we do it for you.


Your carpet will be clean within one hour after we're finished.


Clean floors helps clean air, what is a bigger filter than the floor throughout your house.


The job done right, or you don't pay.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

No waiting for a day to be able to walk on your carpet. With our low moisture carpet cleaning method, we'll get your carpet clean and within an hour you'll be able to walk and use it like normal.

Blu Dry Vac

The company dedicated to leaving your house looking better than we left it. Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or you don't pay.

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Our Pricing




Up to 3 rooms. *

Area Rug



1 Room






Every set of stairs. **

Notes: * Over 200 sq. ft. = 2 rooms
          ** Over 13 stairs = 2 sets of stairs




Every hallway.

Pet Odor Treatment



Used to get rid of pet odors.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If, for any reason, you don't feel like we did a good job. You don't have to pay.

We don't want to leave a house and feel like we cheated someone. We want to leave and feel like we did a great job.

Our Customers

Like new again

"We had an old carpet that we were about to throw away, but after letting Blu Dry Vac handle it, we were able to clean it up and sell it for a good bit of money."

Clearthur Billingsley - Sales professional

Make way for the new furniture

We decided to get some new furniture, but the carpet didn't match the new sofas. Rather than get whole new carpets Blu Dry Vac reclaimed the carpet.

destiny atkins - professional wife and mother

Frequently asked questions

Will my carpet be wet for days?

No it won't. In fact you can expect your carpet to be dry within 1 hour after we leave. (Sometimes even less!)

How can you dry the carpet that fast?

We use a method of carpet cleaning where we don't use a large amount of water and therefore the floor can dry much quicker than methods where large amounts of water are injected into the floor.

Don't I need a lot of water to get my carpet clean?

Low moisture cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning and more affordable than the more loud and wet variations anyway. We also don't put a bunch of soap into the carpet (which can cause the carpet to get dirtier later when companies don't rinse your floor well.)

But the best way to know is by the results. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No tacked on hidden fees or any other nonsense.

Are there any specials?

Yes, we currently have a free room special going on for 2 room minimum. These two rooms can be any combo of rooms, stairs, and/or hallways. Anything over that will be an additional charge.

How long do I have to wait until someone shows up?

When you schedule with us we give you a 30 minute window of when we will show up. So no waiting for 4 hours for a tech to show up. We know your time is valuable too, and that's why we give specific times.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We have a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your carpet after it dries, we will either schedule another time for use to come and make it right, or we can give you a refund.

Can you move my furniture?

We are able to move small furniture. Maybe a loveseat, or a light couch. But if you have a grand piano sitting around, sorry. We aren't equipped to handle heavy things like that.

Will you dirty up my house while you work?

Thankfully, since we are using a low moisture cleaning method, that won't be an issue. Even if we happen to track anything from the carpet onto another unintended part of the house, we will wipe it up.

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