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3 Rooms (Minimum)
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Additional Hallway


Additional Room (


Deodorize Carpet
(3 Rooms)

Get your rooms smelling fresh. From pet odors to smoking odors we'll deodorize them.


Additional Staircase


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How Is Blu Dry Vac Different?

No hidden charges. No random service fees. No distance fees inside our service area. What we quote you is the price you pay.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - If your not satisfied with the service. You don't pay.
  • No Hidden Costs - We don't charge based on area, we don't charge per stain. What we quote you online or on phone is what you pay.
  • Smells Great - We can use Duralast carpet deodorizer to remove any odors left in your carpet as well as leave a pleasant after scent.
  • Pet Stains & Odors - If your carpets are full of pet stains from urine and worse, then we can deodorize that and remove the stains.
  • Smoking Odor - Got carpet filled with smoke smells? Let us handle that with our super strong Duralast deodorizer specifically for smoke.
  • Protection From Stains - We can use protector when we clean your carpet. That means your carpets will be resistant to stains and stay cleaner longer like when they were new.

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"They did an excellent job taking an old rug I had and making it look better than I'd seen it in years."


"I was surprised what they could do with a carpet that i was convinced was going to have to just be replaced. One less big expense for the year."


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