My name is Brandon Richardson, and I’m the owner of Blu Dry Vac. What we strive to be at Blu Dry Vac is in a word “Professional”.

It’s become a open secret that in the home service industry at large is not what you’d classify as professional.

At Blu Dry Vac our customer promise is to always have a professional and courteous service. We want to treat your room and house the way you would.

Some carpet cleaners will come to your house and show up any way. Bumping and making marks all over the house. Dressed in oversized pants, a t-shirt and dirty sneakers.

We want to be clean when we’re cleaning. How can you trust someone to clean your carpet when they can’t even do the same for themselves?

Professional Carpet cleaning

Every property needs professional carpet cleaning, especially if you want your carpet to look radiant for a long time. Residential and commercial areas both use carpets, because they add a little extra to the make-up of the buildings.

A carpet provides safety and security to a room or a building. Carpets cover hardwood surfaces and other surfaces, which enables occupants to move about without fear of slipping and sustaining injuries. 

Even in situations where one falls accidentally, carpet cushions the effect, thereby forestalling any serious damage. It gives warmth to a house in cold seasons, due to its thermal resistance which traps heat energy. It also beautifies a room and comes in different sizes, textures, and colors.

Carpets also have a downside to them, understandably so. They are very sensitive, as they can easily attract different kinds of stains, which can make them untidy and unkempt. This can result in bad smells that can pollute the environment. Also, due to their large size, they can be very hard to clean, which makes maintaining such carpets difficult. 

In homes, families use carpets, as they provide a safe avenue for everyone to interact. Children can run and play on such a surface, compared to if there was no carpet. In offices, carpets are also used. It is relatively easier and faster for the floor to be cleaned, due to the presence of the carpet,  by the use of a vacuum cleaner, compared to if there was no carpet. The carpet has been used in different places, hence its ubiquity.

The aforementioned reasons explain why carpets need to be cleaned regularly by professionals so that they last long. This is where we come in – there is no better company to clean carpets in Birmingham, Alabama than Blue Dry Vac, as we offer a wide range of professional services in good time. Our services are also certified eco-friendly. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Pet Odor Removal: Owning a pet, like a dog, comes with the responsibility of always monitoring its movement. Try as one might, it is almost impossible to always be there with one’s pet, at every step of the way. Dogs often urinate or excrete on carpets.  The odor that comes with it is very unbearable and can be very hard to get rid of, without the requisite knowledge of cleaning, and without the necessary equipment. If you’re in search of a company that guarantees the removal of pet odor on your carpet without any further problems, then you should consider Blue Dry Vac. 
  • Carpet Treatment For Allergies: Carpets easily trap dust mites and pet allergens. These substances can give one allergy, and make one react uncomfortably in a room. They can also trigger asthma attacks for asthmatic patients, and generally make the presence of the carpet untenable. Professional carpet cleaners make use of allergen treatment to get rid of allergens, thereby preventing any form of an allergic reaction.
  • Cleaning Of Upholstery: A living room is brought to life with the presence of armchairs, sofas, and the likes. It is easy to relax on them, and do whatever you want to do. Ditto for car seats and mattresses. However, it is also easy for dirt, or other stains to form on them. Over time, the dirt becomes permanent and defaces the upholstery. A professional carpet cleaning company will clean them, to ensure they keep their sheen.
  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning: We clean carpets and rugs, so that they maintain their beauty, and can perform the role for which they were put. On the occasion of a carpet having stubborn stains, you can count on a professional carpet cleaning company to clean such stains. They make use of a spray extraction cleaner, to clean deep into the fibers of the carpet. Water and detergent are sprayed on the carpet, and they are both vacuumed out of the carpet, alongside the stain. 

Blue Dry Vac is known for delivering astute and savvy cleaning services to our customers. We have an enviable track record of excellence, with good customer service too.

Benefits Of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Experienced Technicians

They possess well qualified, fully trained, and experienced technicians who handle the cleaning process and perform their tasks to the highest standard of professionalism possible

Modern Methods

They use a modern method of carpet cleaning – hypoallergenic dry cleaning when cleaning. This ensures that there is no residue or reappearance of stains.

Timely Service

They work in quick time, from the time they are contacted, down to when they finish, all in a bid to perform tasks with speed and efficiency.

Guaranteed Results

Blu Dry Vac can guarantee the elimination of odor on the carpets, by using enzymes that destroy the bad smell.

Budget-Friendly Rates

They charge reasonable rates and do not add excessive or hidden charges. They perform their duties as cleanly as possible and do not renege on financial agreements.

Importance Of A Clean Carpet To Homes

Carpets perform so many functions which make them invaluable to residential and commercial properties alike. They come in different designs and styles and can be used in the interior and exterior of all properties. 

The disadvantages that carpets have, albeit major, do not overshadow the benefits that they possess. It is therefore not surprising that most homes and offices have carpets, as they contribute to the overall quality of a particular room or place.

For one to fully enjoy the benefits that carpets bring, it is expedient to regularly clean the carpets, as this goes a long way to prolonging its life span and maintaining its beauty. 

Need A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service In Birmingham, Alabama?

At Blue Dry Vac, our priority is to deliver carpet cleaning services of the highest order, at a good time. We take responsibility for our tasks, and treat our client’s properties with care, as well as we would do ours too.

Our services are of a wide range, and we perform each one of them as well as possible. We ensure that we communicate clearly with our clients, to know their specified requirements about each task, and then we go about it. 

If you have a carpet cleaning need in Birmingham, Alabama, or if you know anybody who requires our services, then contact Blue Dry Vac, as we are the best in the business.